21st century is here

INdiaMarsMissionWhen was the first time you noticed you where in the 21st century? For some of you it may have been when you owned your first smartphone, or your first electric car, or your fancy 3D TV or 3D printer, or maybe when you tried the google glass? Those are cool little things that may impress you for a while but hardly they’ll make it into the history books. Now really, when was the first time you had a sense that things had already changed? For me that day was this week when I saw this picture. It does not just tell a story, it shows the change that will dominate the 21st century.  The Indian Space Research Organisation succesfully put in orbit a small satellite around Mars. The picture shows a group of female scientist/engineers celebrating this tremendous achievement.  This picture illustrates the game-changing rules of the 21st century. First, the definite raise of Asia as a superpower in the world. Space missions are normally used by governments as powerful messages to the world. Very few things have the power to bring the attention of the world (in a good way) as a successful space mission. One of the reassons why governments choose space missions to demonstrate their power (economic, technological, militar and even political) is that you can not cheat in space. You either have the will and technology to be succesfull  or you don’t. India, together with its Asian neaighbours,  is destined to play a leading and fundamental role in the 21st century. But even more imporant, is the second conclusion that we can get form the picture above. What comes to your mind when you think of a rocket scientist? Well, think again. Women also, are destined to play a fundamental and leading role in the 21st century. The 20th century was full of promisses for women, some of them only partially fulfilled. Now reality is here. If one thing will define the 21st century it won’t be the defnite raise of Asia, but the definite raise of women.

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